VPC Builders is a full-service construction firm specializing in commercial and residential construction, custom home building, Green Building, and remodeling in North Carolina and South Carolina. We have successful projects by communicating and working closely with our clients and a carefully chosen group of architects, subcontractors, and suppliers.
Establishing a budget, putting together a construction schedule, understanding the permit process and working through the many design decisions to be made, are only a few of the key aspects of our collaboration with our clients.
VPC Builders knows whether you are building a new custom home or are renovating the home you currently own, it is a journey.

Our Promise to you is that we will be there for you every step of the way
  • Custom Homes
    Custom Homes

    VPC Builders takes pride in building your dream custom home and understands that it is an exciting, and sometimes, intimidating journey. Our promise to you is to be there every step of the way, helping you navigate through all aspects of the building process.

    Our projects are successful thanks to communicating and working closely with our clients and carefully chosen group of architects, engineers, subcontractors and suppliers. Establishing a budget, putting together a construction schedule, understanding the permit process and working through the many design decisions along the way, are only a few of the key aspects of our collaboration with our clients.

    Custom Homes
  • Development

    VPC Builders and its affiliate, Vincent Properties, Inc., have over 30 years of experience in Development. Because we have been an active participant in real estate development in Western North Carolina for over 35 years, we understand its difficulties and challenges and can offer the benefit of our experience in finding solutions. Our company has the capability to handle potential construction roadblocks and to push your development project to completion.

    Areas of Development We Specialize In:

    • Green Development
    • Land Development
    • Mixed-Use Development
    • Real Estate Development
    • Subdivision (Land)
    • Urban Planning/Development
    • Transit-Oriented Development
  • Home Remodeling
    Home Remodeling

    Remodel, Rebuild, Renovate?

    Every year, millions of people decide to renovate their homes. Most renovations have the same goal — to make homes more functional, more secure, more comfortable and more enjoyable.

    The historic homes and farmhouses that pepper the mountains of North Carolina often require at least minor home renovation in order to restore the home to its original grandeur. VPC Builders will work with you to maintain the historic character of your home and conceptual design; blending the old with the new. Prior to signing a contract to purchase or renovate a home, a thorough examination and inspection is a must to protect you from purchasing a home that may not be worth the investment. VPC Builders offers examination and inspection services to help you weigh the decision to purchase and/or renovate a home, whether it is 1 year old or 100 years old.

    Before you move forward with a home renovation project, our company can assist you by generating a detailed project cost estimate. We will meet you at the prospective project site, do a thorough walk through and complete an inspection sheet. We will then ask you to fill out our “Project Idea Sheet”, which we will use with the inspection sheet to generate the detailed project cost estimate.

    VPC Builders specializes in renovations, additions, kitchen remodeling projects, outdoor living spaces, exterior updates, bathroom remodeling, restoration, patios and decks.

    Re-Green with Energy Efficient Home Renovation

    Over the past two decades, architects, engineers, designers and builders have made tremendous improvements in designing, building, and renovating homes. Today, new homes are far more energy-efficient and comfortable than in the past. VPC Builders recognizes the importance of clean, fresh air indoors and of keeping chemicals and other pollutants to a minimum. We have learned how to build and renovate homes by using renewable resources and reducing the negative impact of housing on the environment.

    Our company is dedicated to building and renovating with a GREEN perspective. Let us demonstrate how a house of any age can be turned into a healthy, comfortable and energy-efficient home today.

    Home Remodeling
  • Energy Efficient Home Construction
    Energy Efficient Home Construction

    Energy Efficient building, also called High Performance or Green Building, is improving the way that homes and homebuilding sites use energy, water, and materials to reduce impacts on human health and the environment. Building an energy efficient home means making environmentally preferable and sustainable decisions throughout the building process, decisions that will minimize the environmental impact of the home while it is being built and for the many generations following its construction.

    As an environmentally responsible construction company, VPC Builders provides an answer for people who are looking to be a part of the Green movement. We offer different levels of “Green” that range from Homes that are Energy Star Rated, to homes that are designated with the prestigious LEED Certification that is given by the U.S. Green Building Council.

    LEED Certification

    LEED is an internationally recognized green building certification system, providing third-party verification that a building or community was designed and built using strategies aimed at improving performance across all the metrics that matter most: energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction, improved indoor environmental quality, and stewardship of resources and sensitivity to their impacts.

    Developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), LEED provides building owners and operators a concise framework for identifying and implementing practical and measurable green building design, construction, operations and maintenance solutions.

    LEED is flexible enough to apply to all building types – commercial, as well as residential. It works throughout the building lifecycle – design and construction, operations and maintenance, tenant fit out, and significant retrofit. And LEED for Neighborhood Development extends the benefits of LEED beyond the building footprint into the neighborhood it serves. (Courtesy of the USGBC)

    NC HealthyBuilt

    The NC HealthyBuilt Homes Program provides a certificate for homes meeting “green home guidelines” built by residential builders who practice sustainable, high performance building strategies making the home a comfortable, healthy and affordable place that reduces energy and water usage, promotes renewable energy use and helps protect the land where the home is built.

    In a HealthyBuilt Home, building materials and processes are selected to reduce pollution and the waste of natural resources during the manufacturing and construction phases and throughout the life of the home. The builder is encouraged to provide homeowner education about the high performance features of the home and provide local resources for “green” living.

    A NC HealthyBuilt Home is moving the North Carolina market toward:

    • Lower operating costs – Lower utility bills for heating and cooling
    • Increased comfort – Improved indoor air quality
    • Creating lasting value – Third party review
    • Building with health in mind – Lowered Environmental Impact

    — Courtesy of the NC HealthyBuilt Homes Program

    Energy Star

    To earn the ENERGY STAR, a home must meet strict guidelines for energy efficiency set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. These homes are at least 15% more energy efficient than homes built to the 2004 International Residential Code (IRC), and include additional energy-saving features that typically make them 20–30% more efficient than standard homes. (Courtesy of Energy Star)

    Energy Efficient Home Construction
  • Commercial Construction
    Commercial Construction

    VPC Builders works in conjunction with local architects, engineers, consultants, and subcontractors to successfully meet the specific challenges of any commercial construction project, from small remodels and integrated multi-unit apartment buildings, to large scale commercial projects. We operate in both North Carolina and South Carolina.

    VPC Builders sets itself apart from other larger commercial construction contractors by staffing a select number of highly capable employees with many years of experience who are very skilled in all areas of commercial construction.

    Client Benefits: 

    • We are a small commercial company with the same capacity as larger organizations. This means we have low overhead which allows us to pass on greater overall savings to you.
    • Hands on superintendent supervision with strict quality control which ensures excellence on every commercial project.
    • Developing a personal contractor/client relationship helps with swift project completion and excellent communication throughout the scope of your commercial project.
    • We offer personal account updates daily with high levels of accountability and transparency when dealing with your funds and draw schedules.

    Green for Commercial Spaces 

    As an environmentally responsible construction company, VPC Builders provides wide ranging Green solutions for commercial clients and businesses. Our company has completed LEED projects, installed large scale geothermal systems, and is certified in commercial solar power projects, for both ground-mounted PV solar systems and rooftop PV solar systems from 250 kW to 50 MW in capacity.

    We are an active member of the U.S. Green Building Council, have full LEED Accreditation with a specialty in Building Design and Construction for Commercial and Residential projects. Our company is a reliable, knowledgeable and experienced resource for your Commercial Green project.

    Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

    • Pre-construction
    • Consulting Design-Build
    • Value Engineering
    • Construction Management
    • General Construction
    • Site Development
    • Interior Build-Out Renovations/Additions
    • Building Construction Maintenance
    • Self-Performing Services:
      • Earthwork
      • Concrete
      • Masonry
      • Drywall
      • Interior Finishes
    Commercial Construction
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